Showroom Consultation

The process begins with a conversation between you & your designer about the fundamentals of your project [ budget, time-frame, wish list & expectations ]. We investigate how you actually use your kitchen. How you cook, what your buying habits are, what kind of lifestyle you lead? This research helps our designer to develop a kitchen layout tailored to your specific needs.

Your Selections

The next step is a guided tour through our 6,000 sq ft showroom, to educate you on the different door-styles, cabinet sizes, colors and finishes available from our three Canadian cabinet manufacturers. Countertop options and other accessories will also be explored to provide you with further inspiration and give you options.

Job-Site Measurements

Once final selections are made, your ideas are transformed into a working design plan, complete with prospective drawings to help you visualize your new room in 3-D. Upon your approval of the final design, your designer will visit your home to obtain final measurements prior to ordering your new cabinetry.

Preparing for Your Installation

Prior to the delivery of the new cabinetry, the client is responsible for ensuring the following items are looked after;

  • Provide an adequate storage area for cabinets preferably near installation area
  • Provide a designated space where cutting can take place¬†¬† [ garage, mud room ]
  • Remove all appliances & furniture out of the work space area
  • Remove paintings, plants, antiques & furniture away from the work space
  • Protect furniture & other items in adjacent rooms from dust with sheets or plastic

Delivery of Your Cabinets

Contact is made with the client three weeks in advance for the purpose of scheduling a delivery and installation date as well as to communicate any further instructions and or expectations. All cabinetry and accessories will be placed in the designated storage area. All wrapping material is removed from the cabinetry and returned to CWK for disposal. Delivery payment is due once all of the cabinetry is on-site.

Installation Day

Our Installers are experienced and have received specialized training. They will use construction blankets in an effort to contain any mess and to protect their work space. During the winter months, all cutting will need to be done inside as the materials and adhesives do not respond well to cold temperatures. Safety is paramount so please keep pets and children away from the work area. If the client will not be home during the installation phase, a contact number where they can be reached is very helpful should a question need to be asked. Some scuffs to paint and drywall may occur as some damage is inevitable, but our installers will take care to clean up their work space upon completion of the project.