Countrywide Kitchens is a family owned & operated company since 1982. Under the dynamic leadership of Peggy, John, Michelle & Todd, the family is recognized and respected within the Kingston community as an active contributor in community events, programs and charities such as Kingston General Hospital, Kingston Symphony, Rose of Hope, Food Bank, Beat Beethoven and the 1000 Islands Playhouse to name a few.

Countrywide continues to operate under a simple philosophy to preserve a balance of quality, service, personalization and value. With the brand reputation meticulously managed through a specialized after-purchase service involving post-installation inspections, follow-up emails, and customer surveys.

Employees are valued and cared for with an extremely low turnover, thus providing to clients and contractors a comfort zone of familiarity whereby personal relationships are developed. Each project is executed with personal pride, a cohesive collaboration between the CWK Team, suppliers and clients. At Countrywide, our business model is built on partnerships and relationships.