The CWK Team are a motivated & creative problem-solving group of professionals, who are passionate about the services and products that they provide. Their mutual respect for one another and appreciation of each others skill-sets and level of experience is clearly demonstrated in the quality of the workmanship that is generated each week. Clear communication regarding expectations is conveyed amongst the CWK Team, suppliers and customers. Our mission is to provide excellence in customer service ” We Keep Our Promises “.


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Our talented team of installers bring with them over 20 years experience in the construction industry, specializing in custom carpentry and kitchen installations. A unique aspect which sets our installation division apart from other companies is that most of our installers have been with CWK for 20 years. This attribute fortifies their installation skills and techniques because of their acute knowledge and understanding of how each of our 3 respective manufacturers cabinets and accessories are manufactured.

Communication & collaboration between installation and design is paramount in our industry. As a result, our installers have cultivated a strong bond with the entire CWK Team to ensure that the process of dream to design to installation is a smooth process and the customer’s ultimate wish for a beautiful kitchen is achieved.