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Our Cabinet Manufacturers

FRENDEL - 1350 Shawson Drive, Mississauga, ON  

A family owned and operated company since 1986.  With a philosophy  " to build the best possible kitchens and vanities at the best value..."  Frendel is committed to reduce their energy consumption of the products they manufacture in their state-of-the-art facility, through process improvements and equipment upgrades in conjunction with materials that are sustainable and harvested responsibly.  Developing products that will contribute to creating a greener environment. Click here to view the official website of Frendel.


Miralis - 200 Des Fabricants St, Saint-Anaclet, QC

The products offered are of the utmost quality while equating affordability with sophistication. Miralis makes sure that attention for detail remains a priority in everything they do. Click here to view the official website of Miralis


ARTCRAFT -  4417 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls, ON

A family owned and operated company for the past 50 years, now a 3rd Generation family business.  With a philosophy " to combine the art of kitchen design with the traditions of fine craftsmanship, to produce distinctive cabinetry of exceptional quality..."  Artcraft is committed to the best practices in the use of materials, production processes and waste management to minimize the impact on the environment. Click here to view the official website of Artcraft Kitchens.

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